Episode 51

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Episode 51 – The Nutrition Professor Mikey Swell

I get to sit down and talk to nutrition enthusiast Mike Sell AKA on Instagram as @MikeySwell and talk about the results of his case study.

Mike and his wife Ashley did a 24 week study, where they ate nothing but Chipotle for an 8 week period, Vegan for an 8 week period, and McDonalds for an 8 week period. Episode 42 of DCP explains this more.

In episode 51 -Mike talks about about the results of this study, the greatest take aways, and drops some knowledge about some of todays most crazed diets like the Keto Diet and Carnivore diet.

Find Mike on Instagram @MikeySwell
email Mike for online personal training and consultation at: Mike@mspgym.com

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