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About Danny's
Coaching Philosphy

Danny's Philosophy

Since 2007 I have been serving the needs of thousands of people with conventional and unconventional methods of exercise. I have trained people from all age ranges and goal settings.

I personally am a huge advocate of always continuing to learn. I first started my education in helping others by obtaining my BA in Physical Education and Health. Since graduating I have obtained my certications as a NPTI Personal trainer, Onnit Kettlebell Specialist, and Viking Ninja Steel Mace.

 Individualization and building relationships is my specialty, and understanding what your needs are in developing a blueprint to physical, mental, and spiritual success! To do that, I focus on three very important asepcts of your life: fitness, nutriton, and mindset.

Pillar 1: Fitness

In my opinion, exercise needs to be high on your priority list sooner or later. Too many clients of mine have mentioned one of their biggest regrets was not exercising consistently at an earlier time in their life. Our bodies are made to move, gather food, fight for territory, and protect ourselves and our offspring. We are designed for movement and people in today’s day and age have removed themselves far from human nature. Too much time away from movement can lead to an array of health risks, a stagnant lifestyle, and possibly lead to mental and emotional break down. I can help you find a way to intertwine exercise back into your life that is fun and that will challenge you. My expertise has been in weight loss, muscle building, and sport specific development. I utilize a variety of techniques like multiplane dumbbell and barbell exercises, kettlebell and suspension exercises, plyometric and agility work, combined with yoga and stretching techniques. I have taught in many different venues, such as one on one settings, group exercise classes in the gym, coaching high school teams on the field, and even in the classroom. Most of all, I will teach you a new routine that will supercharge the way you live your life.

Pillar 2: Nutrition

Eating habits are what can make or break your success in your fitness journey. My enthusiasm for always trying to learn something new about how food can impact physical energy,  mental energy, and mood is always challenging me to find the best route for each individual journey. There is no one size fits all nutritional program, however, with my experience, I will work with each person to develop the perfect eating style that will compliment the way you live your life, and fuel yourself  to become your max potential version on a daily basis.

Pillar 3: Mindset

Developing a strong mindset is key when going through the challenges of a fitness program. Setbacks occur and things happen that might be blocking your road to your success. Through my coaching, visualization, meditation, gratitude exercises, and positive self talk practices, you will take your fitness goals to the next level.



Much Love,

Danny C