Day: November 6, 2018

Danny Cola Podcast

Episode 48

Episode 48 – Superhuman Mindset with Brian Story

On this episode I talk with the creator of super human tools, Brina Story. Brian and Danny Talk about what it takes to delve into your journey to success. How daily planning and structure is key to plotting out your visions and goals on paper. They talk about what you can do on a day to day basis reach what you strive for and simultaneously, enjoy the process.

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Danny Cola Podcast

Episode 47

Episode 47 – The Viking Ninja Podcast with Zane Roebuck

On this episode I dive into the brain of Viking Ninja Training System operator, Zane Roebuck. Co-Owner of Midwest Strength and Performance. Zane shares his passion for The Viking Ninja Training System which is a two part training system that involves body weight movement and steel mace training.

August 24th Sign up – VKNJA White Belt Prep Course

Viking Ninja is offering a Bodyweight Prep Course August 24th, which is a pre requisite to the Steel Mace Prep Course on August 25th.

This combo course will provide people with a strong base line for the Viking Ninja systems.

Day 1: Friday, (4-5 hours) will be all Bodyweight basics but with an extraordinary amount of intent and structure. Creating the foundation in preparation for the weight of the Steel Mace.
All the Viking Ninja movements and methods stem from bodyweight. Learn technique and cues on beginner VKNJA movements (Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull). Participants will learn technique, cues and corrections for VKNJA bodyweight training basics.

Day 2: Saturday, (4-5 hours) all Steel Mace basics that will set the path for a safe and innovative journey through the belting certification system.

Each VKNJA steel mace movement is broken down showing proper technique, cues and the necessary corrections needed to be successful wherever your fitness takes you. Criteria such as landmarks, grip placement, posture and structure with mace will be covered.…ets-47548437657

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Danny Cola Podcast

Episode 46

Episode 46 – The Return of Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell and I talk about his his tv show on the CW called Casefiles Chicago. Check it out, every Saturday at 11pm on the CW.

We talk about how people are influenced by their surroundings and environment. The human’s ability to adapt, adjust, and morph into surviving their environment.

We talk a little fitness, and nutrition as well!

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Danny Cola Podcast

Episode 45

Episode 45 – The Cosmos Are Made Up with Love with DJ Simone

Episode 45 – DJ Simone comes over for a cup of coffee. We talk growing up, culture, tribalism and what makes up the cosmos

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Danny Cola Podcast

Episode 44

Episode 44 – Boxer, Strength Coach, and Gym Owner Jimmy Walker

Coach Jimmy Walker is a Trainer and Owner of Midwest Strength and Performance in West Chicago.

I had a great time hanging out with Coach Jimmy Walker at his gym Midwest Strength and Performance, in West Chicago. Jimmy and I talk about his amateur boxing career, vision, and going after what you want.

Super fun convo and looking forward to hanging out at MSP more!

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Danny Cola Podcast

Episode 43

Episode 43 – Laser Focus and The Ability to Adjust With Andy Mazurczak

Andy Mazurczak is a Polish American Professional Basketball player, who joins Danny Cola and talks preparation, mindset, and daily routine to better yourself in your personal and professional life.

Andy played professional basketball over seas in Greece and Germany, and is currently in the process of signing with his third European professional basketball league.

Andy also shared his success and experience playing with the Polish National Basketball Team, how that impacted him and how it prepared him for European style basketball.

Episode 42

Episode 42 – Nutritional Agnostic, Power Lifter, and Gym Owner Mike Sell

Mike is a competitive power lifter and gym owner at Midwest Strengths and Performance in West Chicago.

Follow their Instagram @mspgym

We have a great conversation about the study he is currently participating in: eating Chipotle(8 weeks), Vegan Diet(8 Weeks) , and McDonalds (8 Weeks) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He gets into detail about how he’s structured the dieting and what he has been testing on a day to day basis.

I am super grateful I got to talk to Mike during this study.
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Danny Cola Podcast

Episode 41

Episode 41 – Boxing Prep with Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez

Mike Hollywood Jimenez(21-1-1) comes in 1 week before his fight vs Brandon Maddox (8-1)

Mike talks about how he prepares for his upcoming fight. He talks food prep, workout, mental prep, and his great support system,

Mike has been getting after it for a long time, and as a friend of his, extremely proud of him and what he’s accomplished thus far.

Follow Mike on Instagram – @M_Jimenez182